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A Powerful Tool for Reverse Engineering of Polymer Films & Other Materials 

In a competitive industry, reverse engineering has become a common way to reduce the time and cost of product development. While you may already use widespread analytic tools to determine chemical properties (e.g., gas phase chromatography, atomic absorption spectroscopy), you may not be familiar with one of the most powerful tools available: molecular spectroscopy (infrared and Raman). This report explains why it’s among the most powerful tools for the job. 

Read this report to learn:
  • How molecular spectroscopy reveals a unique and very specific signature for each molecule
  • Determining distribution of components in materials using area infrared and Raman images
  • Application: Elastomers, used in products from aircraft to common household products to toys
  • Maintaining product integrity in multi-layer polymer film applications
  • Quick analysis of multilayer films can be analyzed with no need for sample separation  

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Sponsored: Reverse Engineering of Materials and Polymers Using Infrared and Raman microscopy
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