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Battery Technology is the only engineering resource to provide a wealth of practical and insightful content both digitally and at in-person events. The editorial team at Battery Technology brings a wealth of industry knowledge, in addition to decades of experience, covering topics ranging from the fuel economy, to hybrid and electric vehicles, to energy storage, and the latest tech.  
Design News is the fuel providing outcomes to the design engineering community and the businesses that serve it. The mission of Design News is to connect professionals with the news, expert analysis, products, and systems – driving the development of innovative design and providing solutions to modern technical challenges.
Exclusively for original equipment manufacturers of medical devices and in vitro diagnostic products. The goal of MD+DI is to help industry professionals develop, design, and manufacture medical products that comply with complex and demanding regulations and market requirements.
The Voice of the Packaging Community since 1963 — more than 50 years! A respected packaging media brand in North America, Packaging Digest delivers news, trends, best practices and new technologies to packaging executives and engineers at end-user companies in a variety of markets.
Rooted in nearly 100 years of covering the plastics processing industry, PlasticsToday reports on relevant news, trends, and technologies impacting the half-trillion-dollar global plastics market.
The ultimate resource for the latest developments in dry particulate processing and bulk solids handling technology. We cover all industries that process, handle, and package dry particulate matter, with special emphasis on food and beverage, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. 
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